About Mr. Greg’s Musical Madness (MGMM)

music, education, and media for children

MGMM is excited to be the only music curriculum/enrichment program in the country featured on PBS alongside Emmy-winning shows, “Curious George” and “Dinosaur Train.” We love knowing that children, teachers, and parents can watch our engaging videos anywhere, anytime!

By combining our educational, age-appropriate curriculum with our interactive, entertaining content, MGMM has crafted a form of “edu-tainment” that is delightfully effective, easy to implement, and sparks the creativity of young minds. Our in-school programs focus on interactive “learning through play” activities and are pitch-perfect for budding musicians throughout the world.

MGMM is the recipient of two national grants for superlative programs developed for Pre-K, K, and Elementary-age students in which children are joyously engaged in movement and special, musically-themed projects relating to: Social/Emotional Behavior, Literacy, Treating People with Kindness/Anti-Bullying, Environmental Awareness, Cognitive Thinking, Physical Fitness/Eating Healthy, Math, Music, and several other disciplines.

MGMM is in more than 25 different countries! Through PBS, our Youtube Channel, and our Music/Movement program implemented in schools, Mr. Greg’s Musical Madness is used to help educate children all over the world!
We’re always excited to get emails, pictures, and videos from teachers, parents, librarians, and children.

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Some of what we offer!


Children, teachers, and parents know and love the Mr. Greg’s Musical Madness educational videos, viewed in millions of homes daily both on TV and on YouTube!

GPB, Georgia’s PBS station (the 3rd largest PBS affiliate in the U.S.), and PBA-30, Atlanta’s PBS station, feature Mr. Greg videos alongside Emmy-winning shows such as “Curious George” and “Dinosaur Train.” Watch to see why Mr. Greg’s Musical Madness has captured the hearts, minds, and imaginations of children from all over the world!


The Mr. Greg’s Musical Madness Curriculum helps provide school readiness for: Literacy, Math, Science, Music, Social-Emotional Development, Cognitive Thinking, Physical Fitness, and much more. We’ll train YOUR staff on how to implement this easy-to-use, joyful, enriching program as a consistent part of their daily routine WITHIN their current educational material! Contact us at MrGregsOffice@gmail.com for more information.


Mr. Greg has had the honor of performing at amazing venues such as The Georgia Dome, Spivey Hall, the Atlanta Botanical Gardens Amphitheater, the Woodruff Arts Center, and many other beautiful venues throughout the world… and he’d love to come perform for you!

Family-friendly corporate events and festivals are just a couple of the places where you can enjoy his live, interactive performances! Watch this LIVE footage of a Mr. Greg performance, and then book Mr. Greg at YOUR event by contacting us at MrGregsOffice@gmail.com!


The Mr. Greg’s Musical Madness Parents’ Choice Award-winning “Lots of Fun!” CD is filled with 22 tracks of undeniably melodic, professionally-produced music that parents and teachers enjoy just as much as children!

Multiple genres of music wrapped around clever, silly, and heartfelt lyrics make the “Lots of Fun!” CD a treasure for people of all ages to enjoy. Songs include themes such as: Kindness and Respect/Anti-Bullying; Environmental Awareness; Physical Fitness; Teamwork; and more.

Song titles are color-coded by theme on the CD cover, enabling teachers to plug the songs into their daily routines effortlessly. Special guest musicians (such as Sugarland’s drummer, Issac Hayes’ bassist, and Elton John’s background gospel vocalists) are featured throughout the CD.

To purchase this Award-winning music, click HERE. (For teacher or bulk school orders, contact us directly and receive a discount!)


Mr. Greg’s Musical Madness is the recipient of 2 national grants for superlative programs developed for preschool, kindergarten, and lower school-age children. We bring our highly trained Mr. Greg Teachers to YOUR facility. Contact us MrGregsOffice@gmail.com for more information.


Mr. Greg’s Musical Madness offers original, IN-HOUSE field trips throughout the country in schools, libraries, museums, zoos, botanical gardens, nature centers, camps… you name it!

Mr. Greg’s interactive, fun-filled programs are based on some of the themes from the Parents’ Choice Award-winning “Lots of Fun!” CD, with many of the songs themselves interwoven throughout the programs. Watch this short video of Mr. Greg’s FUNtastic Band at Elementary Schools to get a better idea of just some of what we offer!

About Mr. Greg

Greg Roth, AKA “Mr. Greg” from Mr. Greg’s Musical Madness (MGMM), has created his own unique niche that has lead to some people referring to him as “the children’s whisperer.”

His engaging and energetic personality, combined with his passion for music, performing, media, and creating an award-winning curriculum, quickly landed him on the national stage in multiple facets of Early Learning Education.

Children, parents, and teachers from all over the world know and love Mr. Greg, thanks to his fun-filled, educational videos, which are viewed on TV and online in millions of homes and schools daily! GPB, Georgia’s PBS station (the 3rd largest PBS affiliate in the country), and PBA-30, Atlanta’s PBS station, feature his videos alongside Emmy-winning shows such as “Curious George” and “Dinosaur Train,” while the MGMM Youtube channel has hundreds of thousands of views worldwide.

Songs from the Parents’ Choice Award-winning “Lots of Fun!” CD (distributed worldwide and available HERE) are interwoven throughout the outstanding, high-energy, interactive educational live performances that bring him in front of more than 50,000 people a year!

Before Mr. Greg’s Musical Madness

With a B.F.A. in Theatre from New York University’s prestigious Tisch School of the Arts, Greg Roth, AKA “Mr. Greg,” honed his music, theatre, and comedy style working alongside artists such as: Max Roach (Legendary drummer for Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, and Duke Ellington); Philip Seymour Hoffman (Academy Award-winning actor); Doug Besterman (4-time Tony Award-winning arranger/orchestrator/producer, known for shows such as Chicago, The Producers, and Nine); Bryan Goluboff (screenwriter/playwright/director known for The Basketball Diaries and the SVU Series); as well as fellow NYU alumnus, comedian, and performer, Adam Sandler.

For the past 25 years, Greg Roth’s original songs have been played on networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS, MTV, VH1, CMT, PBS, A&E, and BRAVO, as well as on Degrassi (Canada’s #1 teen show) and other international TV shows and movies, in more than 25 different countries.

He has the pleasure of performing at such diverse venues as the famed Lincoln Center, CBGBs, and the Georgia Dome, and he has shared the stage with, opened for, or jammed with many wonderfully talented artists to numerous to mention. Here are just a few: Grammy-winner John Mayer, Grammy-winner John Driskell Hopkins (Zac Brown Band), Grammy-winner Harry Connick Jr., Kristian Bush (Sugarland), Grammy-nominated Shawn Mullins, Lenny Kravitz, Barenaked Ladies, Doug E. Fresh, Everclear, Tonic, The Smithereens, The Ramones, Russell Irwin (Aerosmith’s keyboardist), Kurt Mitchell (Issac Hayes bassist), and Adam McKnight (Elton John’s background gospel singer.)

Greg initially started writing children’s music to sing to his son, Elijah. By combining undeniably catchy songs with his comedic stage experience (he has performed at Atlanta’s Whole World Improv Theatre and stand-up comedy at The Punchline) Greg discovered a natural fit for entertaining and educating children. His hobby turned into a passion and led to performing at Elijah’s school. After word-of-mouth spread among the teachers and parents, Greg found himself receiving numerous requests to appear at other facilities. He quickly realized that he could use the “power of song” to educate and empower children, and thus began his teaching career and the start of what is now Mr. Greg’s Musical Madness.

Today, Greg’s success is a testament to the hard work and passion that has made him one of the top children’s performers and educators in the country. With his growing popularity, he has always kept his main goal in focus: to instill a lifelong love of music!