With Mr. Greg, everyday is EARTH DAY!

One of our favorite Mr. Greg lessons is how we can be superheroes and help clean up our planet. Then we put our words into action by taking materials from home and creating our own recycled instruments!

I bet there are a few things each of us can do in our homes to create less waste, and I know that kids LOVE to help out. Let your kids get excited by watching Mr. Greg’s Saving the Earth video! Here are some great ideas for what you can do to prepare for Earth Day on April 22:

– Run an errand by foot or on bikes and leave the car behind
– Help pick up trash in your neighborhood
– Recycle paper and other goods from home using your community resources
– Turn off your water (even while brushing your teeth!) and lights when you’re not using them
– Make your own recycled instruments with your kids! For ideas watch Recycled bongo fun!

The songs “Saving the Earth” and “Don’t throw it Away” from the Mr. Greg “Lots of Fun!” CD are great reminders for our families that we can be involved in keeping our planet clean and green.

For other resources and ideas on ways we can take action, go to earthday.org.

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